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AIBA (AI Business Agent)

Transform your business with AIBA, the AI-powered virtual assistant that engages customers, streamlines operations, and drives sales.

AIBA is an AI Business Agent with specific knowledge about your company. It has been designed to engage with customers, answer their questions and get the user's information (Capture Leads)

Discover how AIBA can revolutionize your online presence and boost customer satisfaction.

Interact with AIBA by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right of this page.  Just open the the chat and ask AIBA how she  can help you.

You can try AIBA here:

Just open the chat  and chose txt or chat to learn more.

Here are some of AIBA's key features:

  - 24/7 availability: "AIBA works around the clock, engaging with customers even when you're not online."

  - Instant answers: "Customers get quick responses to their questions, enhancing their experience."

  - Capture Leads: get the contact information from customers interested in your products or services sent to your email as soon as the information is shared. Other functions include: Appointment scheduling, reading and drafting emails (beta), texting and messaging with customers about your company (beta)

  - Increased sales: "Boost sales by capturing leads and converting website visitors into paying customers."

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