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Collaborate, conquer, and scale. Co-op Advertising

In today's competitive landscape, solo marketing can often feel like swimming upstream. Enter co-op advertising: a powerful collaboration where businesses like yours join forces with manufacturers and distributors to amplify your message and reach new heights. Imagine doubling your marketing reach without doubling your budget! Co-op unlocks a world of shared resources, expertise, and funding, allowing you to develop impactful campaigns that resonate with a wider audience. This translates to increased brand awareness, leads, and ultimately, sales. So, ditch the marketing solo act and embrace the power of co-op. It's time to supercharge your growth and watch your business soar!

  • Co-op funds available through distributors.

  • Register on for ad kits, guidelines, and training.

  • National advertising drives leads to, which directs consumers to "Find a Dealer" locator.

  • ACCA membership dues may be eligible for co-op funds at your distributor's discretion.

Farmington, CT

Carrier Global Corporation (Carrier)

  • Market development funds (MDFs) allocated to distributors, who share with contractors.

  • Pre-approved collateral and customizable materials available.

  • Preapproval required for specific marketing activities.

  • ACCA membership not an approved expense.

  • "How to Buy" button on website sends consumers to Elite Contractor list.

  • Contractor Toolbox offers training, sales support, and loyalty rewards.

Seoul, South Korea (NA HQ: Englewood Cliffs, NJ)

Fujitsu General America, Inc.

  • Local accrual and co-op programs vary by distributor.

  • Many distributors allow ACCA membership as an approved expense.

  • No large national marketing campaigns, focus on product investment and supporting services.

  • "Find a Dealer" link prominently displayed on website.

  • PartnerLink web portal offers marketing and sales support materials.

Houston, TX

Goodman Manufact. Company L.P.

  • Co-op dollars managed through Contractor Pro buyer rewards program.

  • Up to 50% of standard advertising costs may be reimbursed for prequalified activities.

  • ACCA membership currently not eligible for co-op funds, but open to discussion.

  • Online resources include videos, images, PDFs, and pre-made ads.

  • National advertising drives traffic to "Contact a Pro" dealer locator.

Charlotte, North Carolina


  • Contractors directly eligible for marketing funds.

  • Co-op credits not available for ACCA or other industry organizations.

  • Extensive technical information and training available on

  • Lead generation through national marketing efforts and robust dealer locators.

Richardson, TX

Lennox International Inc. 

  • Best support for LG Excellence Contractors, who receive priority co-op funds, marketing materials, lead referrals, and training.

  • LG contractors listed on consumer-facing websites.

  • provides 24/7 access to information and marketing collateral.

Englewood Cliffs, NJ

LG Electronics Inc. 

  • Co-op funds available through distributors with annual review and budgeting process.

  • Five geographic business units manage co-op opportunities, offering regionally-targeted toolboxes and support.

  • Diamond Contractors receive priority for co-op funds and are listed prominently on Mitsubishi Comfort website.

  • Costs typically shared between contractor, distributor, and Mitsubishi.

  • ACCA membership may be considered a valid business expense in certain cases, discuss with your distributor.

Tokyo, Japan (NA HQ: Atlanta, GA)

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation 

  • portal offers registered contractors access to news, product information, resources, and marketing tools.

  • Rheem reimburses contractors for some training expenses, contact your Rheem representative for details.

  • 80% co-op coverage for Pro Partner members for ACCA membership.

Atlanta, GA

Rheem Manufact. Company

  • Marketing Advertising Express (MAX) web portal provides access to co-op advertising opportunities, preapproved collateral, and marketing support.

  • Partial reimbursement for some industry association memberships, including ACCA, available for distributors.

  • "Comfort Specialists" preferred dealers supported with leads through national campaigns.

La Crosse, WI

Trane Inc.

  • Extensive co-op program reimburses contractors for expenses related to media and materials.

  • YORK® Marketing Action Center helps contractors customize marketing materials.

  • Dealer Success program offers business support tools based on participation level.

  • Remember: This is a summary, and specific program details and eligibility may vary. Always discuss co-op advertising programs with your distributor for the most accurate information.

York, PA

York International Corporation

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